Aggressively Target Dark Circles and Wrinkles

a bottle of eyelighten eye serum for dark circlesFor years, those who suffer from dark circles, and wrinkles around their eyes, have been ignored.   Eye cream after eye cream did nothing but moisturize the skin, hoping that by some miracle, a moisturizer would somehow get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.

As you know, these Eye Creams of the past didn’t work.    Because they WERE ENGINEERED WRONG.   The truth, is that dark circles are a medical condition, where blood particles leak from the capillaries, and accumulate under the skin.   And wrinkles… well, wrinkles need serious treatment like that of Copper Peptides that work on a DNA level to get your skin reproduce skin cells, collagen and elastin.

Finally, everyone… a Cosmeceutical Solution has hit the market… that Actually gets rid of dark circles and wrinkles with SCIENCE.   Cold, Hard Science.   Eyelighten is the name of a light, fast-absorbing eye serum, that targets dark circles with the precision of a laser, and blasts wrinkles right off your eye area… even stubborn wrinkles like crow’s feet.



Eyelighten gets rid of dark circles

The diagram above can help illustrate just how powerful Eyelighten is, when it comes to getting rid of those stubborn dark circles.    First, it’s important to understand what causes the darkness to appear.   It could be heredity, lack of sleep, allergies, or stress… but what all sufferers have in common is thin capillaries  that leak blood particles.   These blood particles accumulate in the fatty pockets under the skin, in particular under the eyes.

Nothing has been able to cure this situation until now.   Eyelighten attacked the problem directly by using precision engineered peptides that go straight to the blood particles and start to break them up.   This allows the body to digest them, and in essence, make them go away.    No other product has been formulated with ONLY this concept in mind.   Eyelighten is a pioneer in the removal of dark circles.   You really have to see for yourself, to grasp the true power of this eye serum.

how eyelighten works for dark circles

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eyelighten removing wrinklesThe Peptides in Eyelighten Blast Wrinkles, too.

Wrinkles around the eye area can be the most stubborn to get rid of.   The reason is that they are reinforced by our repetitive motions like smiling and squinting.   This, combined with the “thinner” skin of the eye area, makes it especially prone to lots of wrinkles.

Eyelighten contains Peptides that attack the exact factor that causes our skin to show wrinkles as we age.   You see, as we get older, our skin no longer produces collagen and elastin like it did when we were young.  As younger people, our skin produces these molecules enough to prevent wrinkles from appearing.   BUT, as we age, and these molecules are slowed in production, the wrinkles start to really show.     Eyelighten’s Peptide complex gets YOUR skin to produce it’s own Collagen and Elastin, just like it did when you were a baby.   So, rather than hiding wrinkles, or covering them up, Eyelighten actually gets your skin to HEAL ITS OWN WRINKLES.   While not an instant wrinkle “cure”, the treatment that Eyelighten provides to wrinkles can drastically reduce wrinkles, up to 80%, in clinical studies.


makers of eyelightenDeep Moisture and Nutrients Firm and Smooth the Skin

On top of the powerful, cosmeceutical peptides that power away dark circles and wrinkles, Eyelighten also contains several ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin, provide nutrients, and calm and smoothe the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate is one ingredient that is known for its wrinkle-removing properties, as well as its ability to infuse moisture into the skin.  Eyelighten only uses the finest strains, and aims to get your skin to it’s peak moisture and smoothness levels.

Aloe Vera is also used in Eyelighten, to smooth, moisturize and provide needed nutrients to damaged skin.   Commonly known for it’s healing properties, Aloe Vera has been formulated in this product of ONLY the finest strains to keep your skin moist, and protected from the environment.

Chamomile is also contained in Eyelighten.  Chamomile soothes the skin, and helps protect it from the harsh environment.   Since wrinkles and dark circles are often caused by the harsh environment, Chamomile is a vital ingredient to keep the eye area looking smooth, bright, and healthy.

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Eyelighten Eyelighten Serum for Dark Circles and Wrinkles Eyelighten eye serum removes dark circles and wrinkles SKU UPC Model Eyelighten eye serum

Never seen something like this before

Dec 10, 2013 by Carolyn Filardi

I have had rings around my eyes like a Racoon for years. Finally something worked to make them go away. You have no idea the relief I feel in my life, now that I found Eyelighten. Thank you.

Fantastic and really works

Jan 13, 2013 by Geneva P

I'm 70, and I've always had horrible crow's feet and a blue-purple tint under my eyes. I thought that at MY age, there would be nothing to help. Well I'm quite pleased to report that Eyelighten has proved me wrong. It absolutely works, and I encourage anyone to try it.

5.0 5.0 2 2 I have had rings around my eyes like a Racoon for years. Finally something worked to make them go away. You have no idea the relief I feel in my life, now that I found Eyelighte Eyelighten Serum for Dark Circles and Wrinkles
Eyelighten Eye Serum for Dark Circles
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